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"White Roses in a Snuff Bottle"

by Konittajo

I love roses and these roses are some from one of the beautiful rose bushes that are in our yard.  I placed them in an antique snuff bottle on an antique lace scarf on our dining table for my painting set up.

This painting was done on 140 pound watercolor paper with a cold pressed finish.  I used Yarka 1/2 pan watercolors.  I was intrigued by the idea of how to go about painting "white" roses.  I thought that the dark snuff bottle would provide a good contrast for the delicate white of the roses and the scarf.  Painting the glass of the dark snuff bottle and trying to keep it transparent was a challenge.  I believe that I need a little more practice in this area.  *Grin*

"Somebunny loves you"

by Konittajo

This little bunny and his butterfly friends were  painted with Yarka 1/2 pan watercolors on 140 pound watercolor paper with a cold pressed finish.

I had just gotten my set of Yarka 1/2 pan watercolors and of course, I just had to try them out.  I was mostly just playing around with no particular object in mind, just having fun.  These watercolors are a delight to work with.  They are quite moist and flow beautifully.  A wide range of colors is available individually or in sets and they are reasonably priced.


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