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This is a mixed media painting of

"Many Horns", a Teton Lakota.

I used graphite and watercolor pencil on 140 pound watercolor paper with a cold pressed finish.  I used the watercolor pencil both as a dry and as a wet medium.  I applied some areas with the dry pencil and then used a moistened brush to soften edges.  I wet some areas and then applied the dry pencil.  I also used a wet brush to pick up color from the pencil and then applied it to the paper.  This was a fun project for me.  I love to experiment with different effects and with different mediums.  I hope you like it.  {{Grin}}


"Keep a Sharp Eye"

by Konittajo

I used a mixture of oils and alkyds on a masonite panel which I had prepared with several coats of gesso and modeling paste for this rugged looking gent.  I imagine him to be an old frontier scout with his buckskins and pack horse.  Can't you just feel the heat from the desert?  You see him looking back over his shoulder?  Ya jus' never know what might be a lurkin' behind them rocks yonder.   {{Grin}}

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