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"Quiet Times"

by Konittajo

This is a watercolor painting of the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas that my husband and I often visit.  We had spent the afternoon strolling the gardens and feeding the Koi.  The sun had almost  disappeared and the sky was starting to turn a soft shade of pink.  The white rocks of the falls had taken on the color of the sky.  We stood there absorbing the beauty of our surroundings and the magic of the moments just before sundown.  I just had to try and capture those moments in my watercolor.


"My Rose"

by Konittajo

I love roses and my husband is always presenting me with lovely bouquets.  This rose was one from one of those bouquets.

This painting was done on 140 pound watercolor paper with a cold pressed finish.  I used Yarka 1/2 pan watercolors.  I experimented with several different effects for the background.  One of my experiments was with salt.  Made for a very interesting effect.  Well, now tell me, what do you think of my rose?


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