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"I Wonder What's For Dinner"

by Konittajo

This little bird is a Bels Virelo.  And I don't think she can quite make up her mind whether she would prefer the praying mantis or the juicy little worm for her dinner.  Do you see them?  The mantis is in the upper right corner.  The little green worm is in the lower left corner nibbling away at a leaf.

I truly enjoyed painting this.  It is an oil and alkyd  painting on a coated stretched canvas.  The canvas was prepared with 4 to 5 coats of gesso that were wet sanded between each coat.  Then 6 to 7 layers of modeling paste were applied.  Again, each layer was wet sanded smooth before applying the next layer.  A final "tooth" coat of modeling paste was applied.  It takes a good deal of time to prepare one of these canvases, but the results are well worth the effort.

The finished painting tends to take on a luminosity and a sparkle from the ground marble that is in the underlying layers of modeling paste.  This photo does not do justice to the original painting.

"Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets"

by Konittajo

The photo of this painting looks a little "grainy" probably because of the magnification and the weave of the canvas.  The actual painting, however, is quite smooth.  I used a mixture of oils and alkyds on a stretched canvas which I had prepared with several coats of gesso for this painting.  This scene reminds me of the Texas Hill Country around Glen Rose, Texas where I lived for several years.  This painting was not done from a particular area there.  But, the live oak trees, mesquite and the rocky ground are all common to the rolling hills around Glen Rose.  In the spring the bluebonnets cover the hills with a lovely blue hue.

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