My First Dolls

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These are some of the first dolls that I ever made.  I have learned a lot since then.  All of the dolls on these pages are 1/12th scale  (1" = 1') dollhouse dolls.  The ladies are 5 to 5 1/2 inches tall.  All of them are fully poseable.  I made most of the ladies from a miniature mold called "Beth" by Doreen Sinnett.  I also use miniature molds from Cynthia Howe, Gina Bellous, Theresa Glissen, Stacy Hofman, Gisele Sullivan, Yolanda Laracuente-Romero, Dawn Adams, Jana Joseph, Ayanna molds by Deidra Bell, Parker Levi, Paulette Stinson, Emanjay, Loretta Kasza, Beverly Parker, Marie Wheat, House of Caron, Mystic, and other very fine miniature doll artisans for my Doll's House Dolls in addition to my own original polymer clay sculptures.

I  used a product called Li-Qua-Che' by Activa to make these dolls.  For anyone that is interested in trying this product, you may feel free to email me with any questions.  I have been using Li-Qua-Che' for several years and through trial and error have developed my own techniques for working with this medium.

I also make porcelain dollhouse dolls.

These are some of the Geishas that I have made.  They all have delicate 100% silk under Kimonos.  Their outer Kimono is made of 100% cotton in various oriental prints and fully lined with 100% silk.  Each Obi is made of wide silk ribbon.  They all have traditional Geisha hairdos and lots of decoration and ornamentation.  All of these Geishas can stand without the use of a commercial doll stand.

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