My First Dolls

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All of the dolls on these pages are 1/12th scale  (1" = 1') dollhouse dolls. They are 5 to 5 1/2 inches tall.  All of them are fully poseable.   I made most of them from a miniature mold called "Beth" by Doreen Sinnett.

I  used a product called Li-Qua-Che' by Activa to make these dolls.


This little miss is "Beth" from a Doreen Sinnet mold.  The dress is made from an antique embroidered lace handkerchief that had a lovely scalloped edging.  She has a pearl broach at her throat, a ring and a bracelet.  Her umbrella is my own design.  The dress pattern and instructions are from Dana of Miniature Art.  You will find a link to her site on my "Doll Links" pages.  Dana's site is a marvelous place to find dolls, supplies and instructions.  You really must check it out.

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