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Page 3 - Chief Aye-kee-fete

This is Chief Aye-kee-fete.  He is my own one-of-a-kind, original sculpture in polymer clay.  He is a 1/12 scale miniature doll.


Aye-kee-fete is a Lakota Sioux.  He is a "Hair shirt" warrior.  Poor Aye-kee-fete has been dancing a war dance all night and his "fete" hurt and he is rubbing them.


He is sitting upon his fluffy buffalo robe.  There are feathers and beads in his hair.  He is dressed in soft buckskin leggings, shirt and breech clout with much beading and fringe.  Notice the hair locks on his shirt.  They are gifts from members of his tribe to show their great esteem for him.  They are NOT scalps that he has taken.  The Hair shirts were the "protectors" of the tribe, the police and the defenders.  In order to become a Hair shirt, a warrior had to prove himself in battle and gain the respect of his tribe for his great accomplishments.


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