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Page 2- Mr. Boddy

All of the dolls on these pages are 1/12th scale  (1" = 1') dollhouse dolls.  The ladies are 5 to 5 1/2 inches tall.  All of them are fully poseable.  I made most of the ladies from a miniature mold called "Beth" by Doreen Sinnett.  I also use miniature molds from Cynthia Howe, Gina Bellous, Theresa Glissen, Stacy Hofman, Gisele Sullivan, Yolanda Laracuente-Romero, Dawn Adams, Jana Joseph, Ayanna molds by Deidra Bell, Parker Levi, Paulette Stinson, Emanjay, Loretta Kasza, Beverly Parker, Marie Wheat, House of Caron, Mystic, and other very fine miniature doll artisans for my Doll's House Dolls in addition to my own original polymer clay sculptures.

I  used a product called Li-Qua-Che' by Activa to make these dolls.

Well, well, now.  What has happened here?  Has someone dun' in Mr. Boddy?  I wonder what was used to do the dastardly deed.

Mr. Boddy wears a fully lined smoking jacket made of red satin richly embroidered with gold metallic dragons.  The jacket is double breasted and has a black velvet collar and cuffs with tiny gold piping and white pearl buttons.  He has gray silk plaid trousers.  His feet are bare and show his cute little curled toes.  He wears his whiskers in an old English mutton chop style.  He is made from the "sleeping Santa" mold by Parker Levi and he is fully poseable.

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