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All of the dolls on these pages are 1/12th scale  (1" = 1') dollhouse dolls.  The ladies are 5 to 5 1/2 inches tall.  All of them are fully poseable.  I made most of the ladies from a miniature mold called "Beth" by Doreen Sinnett.  I also use miniature molds from Cynthia Howe, Gina Bellous, Theresa Glissen, Stacy Hofman, Gisele Sullivan, Yolanda Laracuente-Romero, Dawn Adams, Jana Joseph, Ayanna molds by Deidra Bell, Parker Levi, Paulette Stinson, Emanjay, Loretta Kasza, Beverly Parker, Marie Wheat, House of Caron, Mystic, and other very fine miniature doll artisans for my Doll's House Dolls in addition to my own original polymer clay sculptures.

I  used a product called Li-Qua-Che' by Activa to make these dolls. Li-Qua-Che' is a great choice for those artists who wish to reproduce their own dolls, or reproduce other commercial doll molds.  The doll needs no kiln firing and when dry is break resistant.  Raw castings are easy to clean, dry and paint, as well as, being strong, durable and non-toxic.  The painting can be done with any non fire paint (oil or water based).  I use Fiesta Translucent Oil Based Stains and a glazing technique.  I have provided a

"Li-Qua-Che' Tips" Page   

for anyone that is interested in trying this product.  And you may feel free to email me with any questions.  I have been using Li-Qua-Che' for several years and through trial and error have developed my own techniques for working with this medium.

I also make porcelain dollhouse dolls.

This lovely Geisha wears several, delicate, white silk Kimonos under a fully lined rich red satin Kimono with gold metallic embroidered dragons.  The luxurious red satin was imported from Japan.  Her Obi is a richly embroidered black silk ribbon.  She wears traditional white split toe socks on her feet.  Her hair is styled in a traditional Geisha hairstyle and is adorned with red and gold flowers, a delicately sculptured gold ornament, and a spray of feathers.  She has graceful hands with separated fingers.  She is fully poseable and can stand on her own without the use of a metal stand.  She was created using several artist's molds.

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